Building local capacity to monitor wildlife health and disease emergence

What We Do

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The In Situ Lab Initiative (ISL) represents a movement towards a global decentralized and community-run One Health laboratory network.

The ISL aims to bring modern research infrastructure and capacity to local scientists and community leaders, enabling more comprehensive and long-term studies on wildlife health, right where wildlife and their protectors live. It addresses long-standing biases in where education and opportunity for field scientists currently exist, and who gets a seat at the table. Ultimately, the ISL aims to create ways for local stakeholders to engage with international One Health agendas on equal footing. 

Modern Day In Situ

Research and Monitoring

Biodiversity Monitoring
Ecotoxicology and the Environment
Disease Surveillance
Conservation Technology

This website is an expanding resource for present and future ISL affiliates (from scientists to funders). Do NOT be surprised to see information change on this page. We are committed to supporting:

  • Rigorous, long-term scientific monitoring and research
  • An open exchange of information
  • Affordability (to minimize budgetary constraints for participating in the network)
  • Meaningful local leadership
  • A predominantly in situ research infrastructure

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