For the past two years, we have systematically demonstrated that by making smart choices with limited resources, a high-throughput and reliable molecular field laboratory can be set-up and operated sustainably inside the Amazon rainforest; the same place where for centuries people have come to “collect and take home.” Consequently, surveys for coronavirus, molecular classification of wildlife communities, testing for parasites in livestock boarding natural protected areas, and population genetics monitoring of Amazonian species can all happen in-country, close to the site of sample collection, with less expense and time wasted. The ISL  model for biosurveillance is now in development in five additional countries, across 3 continents.

This is a LIVING document to serve as a guide on how to plan, set-up, operate, and sustain an in situ laboratory, and will be used in different ways by different users. Expect this part of the site to change, as improvements are made. Expect also that you will see sections that are under construction. Visit us often to stay abreast of the latest protocols and breakthroughs!

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