In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations of laboratory equipment and supplies can immensely help the In Situ Labs Initiative to collect and process more samples, as well as analyze and share more data. Presently, we are trying to bring laboratory infrastructure to sites in the Peruvian Amazon, Rwanda, and Vietnam. All ISL locations not only serve research purposes but are used to offer regular training to local leaders, hence we need replicates of items for teaching purposes. This work is challenging logistically and financially and we are happy to receive many forms of assistance.

Who can donate:

  1. Laboratories that are closing or upgrading their equipment
  2. Manufacturers of lab equipment and supplies
  3. Organizations or individuals who would like to purchase items that will support our mission.
We are only looking for items that already work. Below is a brief list of items we are looking for, but it is not exhaustive. If you have something to donate, please email or submit the simple form on this page and we’ll follow-up with you.
  • Spectrophotometer (e.g. NanoDrop): for assessing the quantity and purity of nucleic acids with requiring any consumables
  • Gel electrophoresis system and accessories (including large and small combs)
  • Gel illuminator
  • 96-well plate spinner
  • pH meter
  • PCR workstation / Laminar Flow Hood
  • Precision pipettes (all sizes, digitals are a plus!)
  • Multichannel pipettes, 8 or 12 channel, or adjustable
  • miniPCR portable PCR device. 
  • Mini centrifuges (4 or 6 x 1.5 mL tubes or strip tubes or both)
  • Vortex Genie (with flat head is a plus)
  • Scale (milligram accuracy, ideally can measure down to 0.5mg but average weights will be about 2 mg)
  • Dry baths
  • Magnetic separation racks (1.5 mL tubes or PCR plates)
  • Microplate Readers
  • qPCR machine
  • Tube rotator / agitator
  • PCs and Macbooks (contact us to learn about minimum operating requirements)
  • Boats/reservoirs
  • Pipette tips (sterile or nonsterile, racked or bagged, filtered or not)
  • Pipette holder racks
  • Tube stands/racks: any size or type
  • Freezer boxes: both cardboard or plastic, but also freezer racks (metal)
  • PCR strip tubes + caps (200 uL size)
  • PCR plates (96 wells, skirted or not)
  • PCR plate sealers (Disposable preferred, and also plate seal roller)
  • Sample tubes (600 uL, 1.7 ml, 2.0 mL, 5.0 mL, 15 mL, 30 mL)
  • Parafilm
  • Spatulas
  • Measuring boats
  • Other small supplies

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